Should You Choose A Soft Or Hard Pillow?

woman hugging soft pillowA soft pillow simply means the support is likely insufficient for your head or neck. A buckwheat pillow, on the other hand, comes highly recommend by even chiropractors. The reason for this is that buckwheat pillow gives strong support while not being terribly hard. Plus, the buckwheat material is such that the friction of the material inside the pillow forces it to maintain its shape and support. This means that regardless of the weight put on it, its shape can be retained, unlike many inferior pillows which simply collapses when pressure is applied on them. It’s more viable than ever as a supportive yet affordable pillow for neck pain.

Additionally, what makes a buckwheat pillow particularly attractive to those with neck aches is that it’s rather cooling. The material isn’t as stuffy or dense as other pillow materials such as down, which means that it has great airflow even inside it. This means that any heat that is transferred from your head into the pillow will dissipate over time. A buckwheat pillow sort of has a breathable feature to it. Of course, the pillow cover will also play just as important a role in heat dissipation. This way, any heat or humidity that gets trapped within the buckwheat inside the pillow will be able to escape or evaporate as they leave the pillow.